Increase your Revenues! I-Vision Media can Help!

I-Vision Media helps growth company ownership, management and investors define and capitalize on opportunity --

For companies, we help:

  • Fix broken, unfocused, and poor-performance marketing programs
  • Establish meaningful metrics to track marketing ROI
  • Define and exploit new markets and new business opportunities
  • Position, re-position and launch products and services –
  • Build new distribution channels and expand market presence
  • Devise competitive tactics, strategies and market entry plans
  • Where needed, provide hands-on operational execution

I-Vision Media designs, develops, and launches new and compelling subscription products and services specializing in web-site access memberships, health supplements, beauty and skin care products and savings and discount membership clubs. I-Vision Media markets these products and services exclusively through strategic affiliate relationships via the internet through emails, search engines, site advertisements, banners, consoles and buttons.
  • - Phil Thomas
    Found these guys online, instantly showed me they had great knowledge in the industry.
    - Phil Thomas
  • - Larry Grey
    Thank you to the guys at I-Vision Media! If you are lucky enough to find them as I have then you are winning!
    - Larry Grey
  • - Sarah Mendez
    This team are a pleasure to work with, as well as being fast to respond in our needs!
    - Sarah Mendez

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